Polls showing Trump crushing Biden in multiple states printed and left for fake news media aboard Air Force One – Dateway

Upon boarding Air Force One, members of the White House press pool were greeted with impressions of poll numbers showing President Trump edging opponent Joe Biden in several key states.

Reports came Sunday afternoon from at least two mainstream media reporters, who photographed the printouts and uploaded them to social media after leaving Maine, where Trump made a surprise stopover to visit an orchard in apple trees.

“As we leave Maine for Washington, this has been placed on every seat in the Air Force One press booth,” wrote Associated press reporter Jon Lemire, clearly shaken.

“When we boarded Air Force One earlier, a printout of this poll was left on every seat in the press booth,” tweeted Katherine Faulders of ABC News.

The print showed data from a recent CBS / YouGov poll, showing President Trump leading Biden in Florida (59% to 40%), Georgia (54% to 44%) and North Carolina (58 % to 41%).

The move shows that the Trump campaign team is increasingly confident in changing the number of polls, as victories in all three states, in addition to the states President Trump won in 2016, are key to a victory in 2020.

Meanwhile, Meet the press’ Chuck Todd attempted Sunday morning to convince viewers that Biden still had a path to victory, ignoring the results of the CBS / YouGov and instead claiming that the states listed were “neck and neck”.

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