Ponsonby’s perspective: voter is king and Trump dethroned

Donald Trump’s insistence that a nationwide democratic exercise was fraudulent and corrupt is nothing less than a coup against the very principle that the voter is king. It’s funny, because his rage comes from another universe, the one he lives alone. But it is also tragic. The significance of the most voters in 120 years is fading amid the performance of the pantomime being played out on Twitter, the golf course and the White House bunker. Since Trump is a man fueled by grievances and an over-developed sense of levity, he will continue to rage. His niece Mary Trump, a psychologist, says he will never admit defeat to Joe Biden because it would puncture his narcissism. Donald’s performance the other night, as he continued to allege the election was stolen from him, was so horrifying that several US networks backed away from the neurosis, telling viewers they weren’t ready to spread lies. He becomes desperate. As I rummaged through CNN, ABC, and Fox News to see who this slapstick’s sidekicks would be, I didn’t have to wait long for an answer. Newt Gingrich reversed his embalming to cry foul, not very ably helped by Rudy Giuliani. It became a case of father and son when Eric Trump demonstrated that he had learned from the master the art of keeping a straight face by knitting together and finding himself concluding that election organizers were corrupt. The evidence of impropriety that led to the “theft” of an election was as thin as Mr. Giuliani’s hairline and as strong as that of the president. It was an attempt to reduce the serious matters of the sovereignty of the people (or at least the Electoral College) to a most intimidating exercise. Watching Giuliani and Trump Jnr, I remembered this scene from The Departed when mobster Frank Costello said to two priests at a local restaurant, “In this parish, God does not run bingo.” The offenses against the truth and the democratic process are scandalous. By questioning the legitimacy of the election, he is trying to burn down his country’s constitution. In trying to thwart the will of the people, he stands alone in modern times as a man without equal in his disdain for the very notion of “we the people”. .

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