President Trump downgrades collusion with Russia documents – coming Friday

On Tuesday, The Gateway Pundit learned that President Trump will declassify all investigative documents into the Russian hoax.

We have previously reported that Deep State operatives, including people inside the White House and ostensibly on “his” side, are urging the president to keep information from the public.

In fact, President Trump has repeatedly promised that he will publish everything about the Russian hoax before stepping down.

On Thursday evening, Lou Dobbs reported that President Trump had ordered the release of Obamagate intelligence documents.

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Lou Dobbs: President Trump is declassifying top-secret documents all related to Obamagate. It is the coordinated and long-term espionage against a presidential candidate and ultimately against the President of the United States and his administration, that of Donald J. Trump.

** With special mention of Gateway Pundit

The documents would show the involvement in the United States and abroad to install Donald Trump in the Russian lie.

The Trump administration must now ensure that these documents are made public.

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