President Trump plays golf as COVID-19 claims thousands more American lives after election

O30,000 Americans have died from COVID-19 since polling day, according to data from the World Health Organization. Outgoing President Donald J. Trump has spent at least nine of those days at his golf course, Trump National Golf Club in northern Virginia, hitting the green.

Some Republicans see this as a clear indicator that Trump is a man of confidence who can play cool even as he loses his grip on power.

Others have dared to call his post-election behavior embarrassing – golf mixed with lots of ugly cartoonish fuss in a desperate attempt to overturn the will of the voters who ousted him.

Yet, given the staggering daily death toll in this country from the novel coronavirus during the month of November, a word like embarrassing fails to capture the grim reality.

More than 10 months since the outbreak began in the United States, the administration has effectively adopted collective immunity, with some of the president’s advisers admitting defeat in the battle against the virus. Epidemics at the White House have become routine.

Meanwhile, Trump spends his weekends tidying up.

But COVID-19 does not cease its lethality on weekends or holidays, even though weekends and holidays sometimes delay updated accounts of the carnage.

In the Daily Beast’s continued effort to help visualize and put into perspective the human cost of living during this savage pandemic, the following is a breakdown of the number of American lives lost to COVID-19 each day that the President have been playing golf since the election. .

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