President Trump says Rudy Giuliani has tested positive for coronavirus

Rudy Giuliani has apparently become the last member of President Trump’s inner circle to test positive for COVID-19. Trump announced the diagnosis in a tweet on Sunday.

The tweet read: “. @ RudyGiuliani, by far the greatest mayor in New York history, and who has worked tirelessly to expose the most corrupt (by far!) Elections in US history, has tested positive for the virus from China. Get Rudy well soon, we will continue !!! “

The Daily Beast has reached out to Giuliani for comment.

The reported diagnosis comes after Giuliani’s director of communications Christianne Allen revealed that she tested positive last month after attending Trump’s now infamous press conference at the National Committee headquarters republican. Trump’s campaign adviser Boris Epshteyn announced his diagnosis of COVID-19 on November 25, days after he appeared at the press conference. And Giuliani’s son Andrew has also reportedly tested positive after attending the event.

The former New York mayor, who is Trump’s personal lawyer, has led a series of electoral fraud prosecutions that are failing miserably.

The 76-year-old Republican is just one of dozens in Trump’s orbit and in the White House to contract the virus at the same time as they have downplayed its severity.

Trump’s son Don Jr. revealed last month that he had tested positive, as did Corey Lewandowski, another Trump adviser who had filed bogus prosecutions over illegal voting and voter fraud.

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