President Trump still has 48% approval after Capitol protest – Dateway

President Trump’s approval rating did not budge following the demonstrations on Capitol Hill on Wednesday, which Democrats were quick to call an “insurgency.”

According to the Rasmussen survey released on Monday, Trump’s approval stands at 48 percent, about one percent higher than last month.

“The latest figures include 35% who strongly approve of Trump’s work and 43% who strongly disapprove,” the poll said.

The probe comes less than a week after Trump led a massive demonstration involving millions in Washington to protest fraudulent electoral certification in Congress, where a crowd finally occupied the Capitol building after the Vice President Mike Pence has announced that he will certify the election results for Biden.

The Capitol protest left several dead as a Trump supporter was executed by police for attempting to enter the House chamber.

The aftermath of the incident has plunged Democrats into a frenzy, having drafted a second round of impeachment articles against Trump on Monday.

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Democrats and their business leaders have already started their blitzkrieg of tyranny, distorting the occupation of our nation’s Capitol by frustrated citizens and using it to destroy anyone in their path.

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