President Trump’s approval ratings have risen since ‘Stop the Steal’ protests last week in Washington DC

Democrats and many Republicans might hate President Trump more since his speech last Wednesday, but polls show President Trump’s approval has actually increased among Americans.

Thomas Lifson of the American Thinker writes:

If you believe the media and most Beltway politicians, the whole country is appalled at President Trump and wants him to be erased from history. A moral panic is being driven by the media and other Democrats following the incursion into the United States Capitol. He convinced the media, including many nominal conservatives. And that may have convinced many Republican politicians that President Trump is now a marginal figure at best and should be avoided.

But unless the Rasmussen poll organization suddenly becomes inaccurate after being much more accurate than most presidential polls, mainstream conservative America, about half the country, isn’t buying it, and l Trump’s endorsement actually has it resurrected.

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President Trump’s approval to Rasmussen was as follows last week:

No matter what Democrats and their media do, Americans don’t buy their BS.

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