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Press Corps video at Biden’s inauguration reveals only around 100 people present outside military and press

A bizarre video from Biden’s inauguration shows a nearly empty lawn outside the Capitol. It was worse than we expected.

A new video appeared on a personal recording device by a member of the conservative press during the 2021 dedication ceremony for illegitimate presidential usurper Joe Biden.

The video shows the lack of people at the inauguration. Sad. So sad.

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We previously reported the lack of people at the Biden event:

It is clear from a comparison between President Trump’s 2017 inauguration and Biden’s inauguration that Biden has no support and the election is suspect

We saw the same thing during Biden’s campaign where people wondered if it was real or not:

“It’s a little boring here” – Arizona reporter stunned after no one shows up at campaign event with Joe Biden AND Kamala Harris (VIDEO)

It is really sad for the country. Thinking Democrats would be looking at all of this for power.

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