Primary care doctors revolt against Stanford Medical Center’s ‘absurd’ vaccine rollout

More than a hundred medical workers at Stanford Medical Center staged a massive strike on Friday, accusing the institution of unfairly distributing its COVID-19 vaccine as the pandemic rages across California.

During the first week of coronavirus vaccination in the United States, resident doctors and Stanford fellows said they noticed experienced doctors who did not work directly with COVID-19 patients had already received vaccines, ahead of frontline health workers. Many of those vaccinated were working from home or were assigned to non-essential procedures, they said.

“First in the room, at the back of the line,” chanted workers as they left Stanford medical center on Friday afternoon carrying signs. Videos and photos posted on social media show dozens of scrub-clad hospital workers walking around the medical facility before gathering around a stairwell.

“I have seen 16 Covid patients in the past 24 hours … More than double the number of residents receiving the vaccine,” read a sign held by a masked medical worker.

“It’s not just about residents. We are here to represent our nurses. We are here to support them. Our respiratory therapists, our environmental service workers, the food staff, everyone, ”said a resident during the demonstration, before revealing that only two pediatric emergency nurses received vaccines.

Another Stanford resident, who asked to remain anonymous for fear of professional retaliation, accused Stanford of “neglecting” its frontline workers, especially those who are just starting their careers and have been willing to put their lives in danger. to provide care during the Covid19 pandemic. This resident said that only “about seven residents and fellows” should receive the vaccine in this first round, out of the 5,000 available doses.

“To put that in context, there are around 1,300 of us,” the resident told The Daily Beast. “This means that some medical workers who have been in intensive care have been abandoned while those who have worked from home since the start of the pandemic will receive the vaccine.”

“I mean, some healthcare professionals who should get any of 5,000 vaccines … haven’t even touched an N-95 mask or treated a COVID-19 patient. It’s absurd, ”added the resident.

The protesters said The Chronicle of San Francisco that the seven who were included in the first round of vaccinations were orthopedic surgeons, outpatient nurses and a dermatologist.

Stanford Medical Center services showed solidarity with medical workers protesting on social media on Friday, and some doctors have reportedly abandoned their place in the vaccination line.

Stanford Healthcare Department of Urology and Heads of Internal Medicine Unit were among those in the medical community who tweeted their dislike for the algorithm Stanford had in place to determine who would get the vaccine first. Roxana Daneshjou, a dermatologist at Stanford, tweeted that some “people in attendance … immediately gave up their spots because they didn’t ask to be in wave one and obviously want the frontline to get it first.”

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