Prince Harry and Meghan Markle left the royal family and took all the drama with them

Can it really be the case that this time last year Meghan Markle and Prince Harry were active full-time members of the Royal Family, all determined to live their lives of duty and decorum in a house in the Estate of the queen in Windsor?

Coronavirus-induced lockdowns played tricks on our perception of time, but it seems quite extraordinary to consider that it wasn’t until January 8, 2020, that Harry and Meghan hit the button to bring a bomb website to life that announced their intention to “take a step” back “from royal life and lit the tactile paper on the biggest crisis that has besieged the House of Windsor since Princess Diana’s death in 1997.

In the book Finding freedom: Harry and Meghan and the formation of a modern royal family, which came out in August, it was revealed that the couple had notified the Queen’s Office just 10 minutes before their plans were released. They understandably felt that they needed to get their side of the story known to the public to keep the monarchy’s spinners from controlling the narrative around their plans to step down from frontline royal duties.

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