Pro-Trump Outlet, discouraged, Newsmax TV refuses to call for election for Biden

Newsmax TV went out of its way to refuse to call the 2020 presidential election for former Vice President Joe Biden on Saturday after multiple media outlets projected Biden would win Pennsylvania, pushing him to exceed the necessary 270 electoral votes.

After airing the Trump campaign press conference on Saturday morning in Philadelphia, in which Trump’s attorney Rudy Giuliani made baseless allegations of widespread voter fraud, Newsmax TV presenter Tom Basile informed viewers that several networks had called for the election of the Democratic candidate.

At the same time, he explained why his network wouldn’t do the same.

After White House correspondent Emerald Robinson read President Donald Trump’s statement refusing to accept that Biden won, Basil said he wanted to be “very, very clear with our viewers on realities of this situation ”before adding what was the position of the network.

“While most other networks have called the race, given the proximity of the race to a number of key states, we will wait for the final vote count and we will also wait for the resolution of many of these legal challenges before we do. let’s change our position, ”the presenter said, referring to the Trump campaign’s long-term legal and recount efforts.

Moments later, Basil and Robinson launched a conspiracy theory that the networks all agreed to wait until Saturday to call Biden the race in order to ruin Trump’s afternoon round of golf.

“We talk a lot about media collusion with the Democratic Party,” Basil said. “Here we have the president who just left the White House – we think we are going to his golf course to play a round of golf, and he deserves to be able to do that.

He continued, “We have the press conference that Rudy Giuliani was going to hold in Philadelphia and at the same time all of a sudden all the networks – except Newsmax – decide that this is the time they ‘ will call the elections.

Newsmax TV, meanwhile, wasn’t the only Trump-loving media outlet to flatly ignore the results in Pennsylvania and other key battlefield states. The One America News conspiratorial chain has focused on bailiff Giuliani while claiming that the multiple calls across the networks never happened.

Newsmax has put on a gig in recent months to compete with Fox News by hiring a host of former Fox figures, right-wing media figures and Trumpworld castaways to try to appeal to disgruntled conservatives upset that Fox is not no longer pro-Trump enough. . The network also apparently sees an opening in a post-Trump era, particularly with Fox News likely pivoting to denigrate a new President Biden and Democrats rather than gushing Trump on its airwaves.

“Fox is a lot like network suicide,” Newsmax owner Christopher Ruddy told The Daily Beast. A Fox News viewer delves into the President’s continued negative coverage, concern over the supposed ‘suckers and losers’ comments, the abominable way Chris Wallace handled this debate, and all the Fox News polls – which were high end. to be wrong against Trump. When you add all of that, it looks really bad. “

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