Project Lincoln’s Secret War Plan – Revealed!

Rick Wilson and his crew of Republican refugees have been putting themselves in Trump’s mind virtually from the day they reunited.

But over the weekend, the psychological fight reached a new high, when Jared and Ivanka sent one of Dad’s lawyers after Project Lincoln on a billboard they placed in Times Square. And Rick, for his part, loved it.

“A lot of our operations from the start have been to disrupt the leadership of the Trump campaign and get Donald Trump himself to poop his diaper and make these people lose their minds. [Now we’ve] pinn[ed] down Jared and Ivanka Thursday and Friday of last week, and distract[ed] Donald Trump, ”Rick explains to Molly Jong-Fast on the last episode of The new abnormal.

“So it’s the day before the battle. And two of Trump’s army generals are now crippled. They haven’t thought of anything else in the last few days… You take away resources, attention, time, you focus on what they should be fighting and you make them fight the battles you want them to fight. they deliver. Think of me as a Sun-Tzu redneck.

Then! Molly has an incredibly powerful interview with Dr. Rick Bright, vaccine expert turned whistleblower. He was in charge of a massive federal effort to develop medical countermeasures to biological threats. But he couldn’t sit still as the Trump team pushed for fake treatment for COVID-19.

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