Prosecutors clash with oath keeper boss Stewart Rhodes in Capitol Riot case

At least a day before thousands of MAGA supporters stormed the US Capitol, Oath Keeper founder Stewart Rhodes warned his supporters to “prepare for violence.”

“I highly recommend a C or D cell flashlight if you have one,” Rhodes reportedly told members of the far-right paramilitary group in an encrypted group chat, referring to heavy flashlights that can be swung like clubs. “Folding batons are a gray area in the law. I bring one. But I am willing to take this risk because I love them.

The next day, moments after former Donald Trump urged his supporters to “fight like hell,” Rhodes wrote to the group: “All I see do is complain. I don’t see any intention on his part to do anything. The patriots therefore take it in hand. They have had enough.

Then, at the height of the insurgency – which dozens of elected leaders into hiding and ultimately killed five people – Rhodes ordered his Oath Keepers to “come to the steps on the south side of the Capitol.” A few minutes later, Oath Keepers had entered the building.

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