Protesters trample on the head of a Trump supporter after DC rally – Dateway

A group of left-wing protesters attacked scores of Trump supporters who had finished taking part in a rally on the streets of Washington, DC on Saturday. In one of the most graphic attacks, a man who has attempted to repel an attack is hit from behind as at least two women kick him and stomp his head.

Several videos captured numerous attacks by protesters chasing Trump supporters out of the staging area as the group made their way to their vehicles. Earlier today, thousands of Trump supporters gathered in DC for a rally in support of US President Donald J. Trump. Violence erupted at the end of the rally and people tried to leave.

A video shared by Jorge Ventura of @Venturareports captured several incidents in which leftist protesters attacked Trump supporters and in some cases attempted to retaliate by walking away.

The most dramatic moment takes place in the 1:25 second marker when a man holding a “Trump-Pence Out” sneaks up from behind and hits a Trump supporter by knocking him out. Almost instantly, two women smack and stomp on the man’s head before others rush to his aid. Other videos also captured the intense harassment and threats that other Trump supporters, even those with children, have endured despite the police presence in the area.

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Raw footage of Trump supporter attacked during Stop the Steal rally

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