Psaki Tailspins asked about $ 3.5million payment to Hunter Biden from Moscow mayor’s wife – Dateway

White House press secretary Jen Psaki dismissed a question about Hunter Biden’s $ 3.5 million payment from wife of former mayor, dismissing report.

A reporter asked Psaki during a briefing on Wednesday if she had anything to add about Senate Committee on Homeland and Government Affairs and Senate Finance report describing mysterious Russian payment to Joe Biden’s crackhead son.

“There was a report from Senate Finance and Homeland Security Committees. He claims that wife of former mayor of paid $ 3.5 million to a company associated with president’s son. There was no explanation for these alleged payments and I wonder if you could tell us if this claim is accurate and if so what this $ 3.5 million was paid for. “

“I’m not familiar with this claim,” Psaki said. “It doesn’t appear to be supported by a lot of evidence. If you have any evidence or details, I would be happy to discuss it further. “

“This is committee report,” noted journalist. “So you didn’t ask a question about it, or …?”

“II don’t know the connection at all,” Psaki replied before quickly moving on.

Senate Homeland Security and Government Affairs Chairman Senator Ron Johnson (R-Wis.) And, and Senate Finance Committee Chairman Chuck Grassley (R-Iowa) released the joint report in September 2020 revealing that millions of dollars in questionable financial transactions between Hunter Biden and his associates and strangers.

One of the many shocking findings concluded: “Hunter Biden received a $ 3.5 million transfer from Elena Baturina. Ms Baturina is the wife (widow) of the former mayor of . “

Psaki seems unable to cover the Bidens properly. What are they hiding?

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