Push Up Handles for Home Workouts

Even before the pandemic locked us all in our homes, I hated going to the gym. Working out isn’t fun, and wasting time driving to the gym just bumping into other people while forcing myself to work out was a sure-fire way to demotivate my fitness goals. So I work from home instead. A decent selection of equipment at home makes this possible, like adjustable dumbbells and a pull-up bar on the door frame. But if there is one workout equipment I can’t live without, it’s the Perfect Pushup Elite, a set of push-up stands that spin on the floor.

I know, I know: the best part about push-ups is the fact that you can do them anywhere, with nothing but a flat surface and your bulging pecs. But it never worked for me – after a few weeks of standard pushups, I develop wrist pain that lasts all day. I thought it was actually RSI from sitting at a computer for so long, until I stopped doing my workouts and the pain was gone. It was a difficult find, because push-ups are among the most effective and efficient workouts for changing the body.

The Perfect Pushup Elite grips sit on your floor, with a rubber grip on the bottom that prevents it from slipping. Grasping the handles therefore allows you to keep your wrists straight during push-ups, thus avoiding wrist stress that causes pain over time (judging by the reviews, I’m not the only one who noticed a reduction in wrist problems). They also rotate, which helps promote good form, with your elbows tucked in instead of flared. Other, cheaper push-up bars let you do this as well, and you can even do it with the aforementioned set of dumbbells in a pinch. But I find the rotating models a bit more comfortable, as I can sort of fine-tune my hand and elbow position while I’m in motion, rather than having to stop and move the bars around. themselves.

They also allow for different variations of push-ups where you rotate your arms halfway through the push, if that’s your thing, and you can see some ideas on the Perfect website and on YouTube. Perfect claims they have a capacity of 400 pounds if you want to do weighted push-ups with a vest, although I’m not even strong enough to test that theory for myself.

Perfect Fitness Perfect Pushup Elite

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