Putin to Klaus Schwab: Russia is part of Europe; Russia and Western Europe are one civilization!

Russian President Vladimir Putin: You know that there are things of an absolutely fundamental nature like our common . Leading European politicians have recently spoken of the need to expand relations between Europe and Russia, claiming that Russia is part of Europe. Geographically and, above all, culturally, we are a civilization. French leaders spoke of the need to create a single area from Lisbon to the Urals. I believe, and I mentioned this, why the Urals? In Vladivostok. I have personally heard the outstanding European politician, former Chancellor Helmut Kohl, say that if we want European to survive and remain a center of world civilization in the future, bearing in mind the challenges and trends underlying world civilization, so of course the West Europe and Russia must be together. It’s hard to disagree with this. We have exactly the same point of view. Obviously, the current situation is not normal. We need to get back to a positive program. It is in the interests of Russia and, I am sure, of European countries. Obviously, the pandemic has also played a negative role. Our trade with the European is declining, although the EU is one of our main trading and economic partners. Our program includes returning to positive trends and strengthening trade and economic cooperation. Europe and Russia are quite natural partners from the point of view of the economy, research, technology and spatial development of European , because Russia, as a country of European , is a little larger than the whole of the EU in terms of territory. Russia’s resources and human potential are enormous. I will not go into all that is positive in Europe, which can also benefit the Russian Federation. Only one thing matters: we must approach the dialogue with each other honestly. We must let go of the phobias of the past, stop using the problems inherited from past centuries in internal political processes and look to the future. If we can rise above these past issues and get rid of these phobias, then we will definitely experience a positive milestone in our relationships. We are ready for it, we want it and we will strive to make it happen. But love is impossible if it is declared by only one side. It must be reciprocal. Donate Bitcoin 17svLdxJmzf8GyehbpqVpbiJhxs8j66G26 Donate Litecoin LbCxkRx7ikFbZiHt69nc2hVrAeakqdFo7t Donate Ethereum 0xd760DEedaA49Ff2C832BdfeB7fDaA49Ff2C832BdfeB7fbCxkRx7ikFbZiHt69nc2hVrAeakqdFo7t
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