Putin won’t recognize President-elect Biden because he knows he’s in trouble now

MOSCOW – President Vladimir Putin refuses to recognize Joe Biden as President-elect of the United States. The Kremlin said on Monday that it would continue to stand by his man’s side as long as “legal proceedings are pending,” although it is unlikely that any of Trump’s complaints will be taken seriously by American courts.

Putin’s reluctance is not surprising: Biden once called Russia “the greatest threat to America” ​​and the Kremlin is clinging to old words and old meanings. Russian state television made it clear throughout the election that Trump was the Kremlin’s preferred candidate, and politicians in Moscow told the Daily Beast, “There is nothing good to be expected from Biden . “

For the Kremlin, it’s no secret what Biden thinks of Putin. In 2011, the then-vice president held a meeting with Russian opposition leaders at the US Ambassador’s residence in Moscow, Spaso House. One of the participants, Boris Nemtsov, who was later assassinated in Moscow, wrote in his blog: “Biden said that [if he were] instead of Putin, he would not run for president in 2012, because that would be bad for the country and for himself.

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