QAnon 8kun’s house is imploding – and Q is gone SO slow

For regulars at the 8kun internet forum, election day was meant to be a revelation. President Donald Trump would win in a landslide, possibly sweeping away all 50 states, in a glorious victory heralded by 8kun’s most famous user: the anonymous personality known as Q.

Instead, Trump lost, Q went silent, and one of 8kun’s top administrators resigned.

8kun, a questionable forum formerly known as 8chan, has survived challenges in the past. The site went dark when it lost support from internet service companies in 2019 after three suspected mass shooters used the site to advertise their killings. But now 8kun appears to be facing a more existential threat as QAnon’s conspiracy theory crumbles, top forum talent jumps, and top users launch corrupt transaction conspiracy theories behind the scenes. of 8kun.

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