QAnon mom arrested for murder of marginal Florida legal theorist

A once obscure alliance forged in a world of internet conspiracy theories appears to have resulted in a murder last Sunday, with an infamous QAnon mom accused of shooting a marginal legal theorist.

Kentucky resident Neely Petrie-Blanchard had long lost custody of her daughters for reasons that are unclear. And to help her with that task, she turned to Chris Hallett, an amateur legal expert who offered bogus forensic services through a company called “E-Clause” and who promised Petrie- Blanchard that she could win back her daughters thanks to some ridiculous hearing tactics he borrowed. of the sovereign anti-government citizen movement.

Petrie-Blanchard has put everything on Hallett’s promises. When she saw her daughters, she dressed them in “E-Clause” shirts and put an “BLOCKED” license plate on her car.

But, along the way, something went wrong. On Sunday night, Hallett was found face down in the kitchen of his central Florida home, bleeding from multiple gunshot wounds to his back.

Deputies from the Marion County Sheriff’s Office who arrived at the scene said they found him already dead. They issued a multi-state arrest order for Petrie-Blanchard, who was arrested hours later in Georgia as the only suspect named in Hallett’s murder.

A witness who was in the house when the shooting took place told police that Petrie-Blanchard had become convinced that Hallett himself was involved in a plot to keep his children away from her. Hallett had been working on the Petrie-Blanchard custody case at the time of his death, witnesses said.

“It was assumed that the victim had been shot by [Petrie-Blanchard], because of her belief that the victim could have worked against her, or worked to help the government, to keep her children away from her, ”the police report read.

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