QAnon’s kind wife came out of her eternal tree

If Donald Trump and Michele Bachmann had a loving child, she could bear a striking resemblance to Representative-elect Marjorie Taylor Greene, Georgia’s new QAnon MP.

Greene is the Republican answer to Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez: she’s a three-name neophyte (in the future all politicians will have three names). She’s a contender Palin who reveled in attention and would rather post selfie videos rather than text. (Words are harsh.) And like AOC, this rowdy brawl focuses on fan service rather than persuasion and promises to wreak havoc on other party members struggling to win competitive elections.

This week, Greene plunged into the national conversation as all attention-hungry moderns do: via his Twitter feed. While in Washington for a new member orientation, Greene tweeted that she told her first class that “masks are oppressive.” It almost broke the Internet.

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