QR Code inventor hacks voting machines in Georgia at Senate hearing, proves they connect to internet and “communicate two ways” – Dateway

During a hearing with the Georgia Senate on Wednesday, QR code inventor Jovan H Pulitzer revealed that a team was able to hack a voting machine currently in use at a polling station.

“Right now, in a county polling station, not only do we have access through the devices, the polling station, the system, but we are there,” Pulizer said. “And it’s not supposed to have wifi, and it’s not supposed to be able to happen. So, we’ve documented now that it communicates in two ways, in real time. This means that it receives data and sends data. Should never happen, shouldn’t be wifi. We have now documented it in real time, so we can suck the data, and it happens where everyone votes and I just wanted to get it on the record.

When asked if the hacked machine was in a mobile enclosure, Pulitzer replied, “No. It is a standing building. It shouldn’t happen. We will not disclose the location, as each location is being verified. “

Two weeks ago, Infowars covered an interview in which Pulitzer discussed how he could use his technology to go through all of the mail ballots for inconsistencies and forgeries.

“We can take the physical ballot, scan the ballot image in the machine, the CVR file in the machine, and I can even take a shredded ballot bag and do what we do,” he said. he explained.

“Technically, when these ballots are folded, wherever there’s a print on that page, it creates a cinematic artifact. So, in the end, how can it be a mail-in ballot if there is no sign of it being mailed? “

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See the full video of the Pulitzer Bomb showcase below.

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