Rabid patriots rout Antifa, BLM after repeated attacks on Trump supporters – Dateway

Members of the Proud and other conservative organizations have had enough of the violent Antifa and Black Lives attacks on the vulnerable, children and the elderly in Washington after the massive success of Saturday’s Million MAGA March, and are took to the streets to confront and push back the left. crowds of masked cowards.

Video footage of young couples, children and the elderly attacked by masked gangs in dozens of separate incidents, associated with attempts by and Antifa to harass Trump supporters inside bars and restaurants. yodeling hotels and flashing laser pointers in windows, prompted the Proud into action on Saturday night.

Antifa and seemed unprepared for a mutual fight with fighting-aged men, and although they outnumbered the Proud , they were easily routed and fled screaming through the night while asking for police protection.

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A rioter wielding a knife was knocked out due to his confusion and had to be assisted by police.

President Donald Trump visits the march.

Taken without their police escort, things didn’t go well for Antifa and BLM as they were beaten up by patriots yelling “F ** k Antifa!”

After the brawl, the Proud Boys celebrated with chants of “F ** k Antifa” and held up a broken skateboard taken from one of the rioters as a trophy.

Whenever the mutual fight started heading south for Antifa, the DC subway police quickly stepped in to smash their fists.

BLM activists took to Twitter to express their anguish over slaps by members of their movement after a full of violent attacks on Trump supporters.

Infowars announced a block party near the center of the unrest tonight as a declaration of victory for the .

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Antifa hides behind police protection during million MAGA March – Dateway

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