Rand Paul details unnecessary government spending, denounces ‘petty tyrants’ in annual Festivus ritual – Dateway

Senator Rand Paul (R-Ky.) Conducted the annual broadcast of his grievances against the wasteful spending of government and establishment politicians in accordance with Festivus on Wednesday.

Celebrate the fictional party created on the sitcom SeinfeldSenator Paul has taken the opportunity seriously this year, directing his anger at the “petty bullies and garbage of Congress” and creating a 139-page report devoted to exposing $ 54 million in unnecessary spending.

First, he thanked President Trump for beating him at full speed to highlight unnecessary and massive spending hidden in the over 5,500-page omnibus stimulus package recently passed by Congress.

Senator Paul has documented a litany of government programs that seemingly have no use to the American people.

On the Federal Reserve audit:

On President Trump’s veto on NDAA 2021:

On NIH Director Dr Anthony Fauci:

Senator Paul on “little tyrants” and his Festivus wish that children return to school:

On Trump:

Senator Paul says to continue fighting for your freedoms:

Read Senator Paul’s full 139-page report below:

Covid Stimulus Bill Is Theft From The American People Foreign Government Payments Explained

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