Rand Paul: Seniors should be served by COVID survivors

Alex wong

Senator Rand Paul (R-KY), Dr.Anthony Fauci’s most devoted troll in Congress, carried his skepticism of COVID-19 experts on Sunday to the campaign trail, telling a crowd in Virginia that cloth masks do not. work and defending President Trump’s repeated claims that the virus will simply go away.

“I’m not telling you not to wear a mask,” Paul said at a rally for Nick Freitas, a Republican congressional candidate in central Virginia, which was posted on Freitas’ Facebook page. “Cloth masks… I’m just telling you the truth, they don’t work. Ninety-seven percent of viruses pass through a cloth mask. “

It is not known where Paul got this figure. But public health researchers have always found that cloth masks, while less effective than surgical masks or N95 masks, are a critical way to stop the spread of the coronavirus because they drastically reduce the range of droplets expelled from the mouth and nose of a person. Recent research from the University of Washington, for example, found that if 95% of people wear sheet masks within six feet of others, it would reduce the spread of COVID-19 by 30%.

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