Rapper Soundcloud creates TikTok video where he appears to destroy Trump ballots – Dateway

Dale Harrison, a Black Lives Matter activist and Soundcloud rapper living in Colorado, posted a video that appeared to show him totaling the votes and then blatantly tearing up and rejecting a ballot for President Donald Trump .

In the video, Harrison is heard saying, “So I’m working on the vote bailout, which means we get your votes and we separate them.” So if some of those votes happen to say, like this one, “while holding up what appears to be a clearly marked ballot for President Trump.” Harrison proceeds to tear the paper in half.

The video has since been removed from TikTok. It is not known if Harrison deleted the video or if TikTok moderators deleted it for violating their policies.

Harrison is an amateur rapper living in Colorado, as evidenced by several signs seen on his public TikTok channel and the YouTube channel linked to his TikTok account. In several of his TikTok public videos, Harrison is seen celebrating the media’s decision to call Joe Biden’s election.

A video, posted to his Facebook account, appears to show him dancing enthusiastically after learning that President Trump tested positive for COVID-19 in early October.

On his YouTube account, four songs and a music video appear to feature Harrison, playing the role of Lil LanDoe, performing original rap tracks.

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On Facebook, Harrison claimed the video was comedic in nature and that he was wearing an “Amazon outfit” for the recording. It is not known if Harrison works for Amazon in any capacity, and several of his TikTok videos show him sitting in an office environment dressed in casual attire, and not the fluorescent yellow vest worn in the alleged destruction video. of the ballot.

“I made this video in my Amazon outfit because you all know I’m always kidding,” Harrison wrote. “And it’s getting crazy views!”

National File contacted Amazon to determine if Harrison was working for them in Colorado and did not receive an immediate response. Additionally, National File contacted several officials working for the Colorado Board of Elections to find out if that person had access to the ballots and did not receive an immediate response.

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