Ravelli County, Montana is so inundated with COVID-19 that they have run out of teachers and hospital beds

For seven emergency response medics associated with Marcus Daly Memorial Hospital in Hamilton, MT, the rapid spike in coronavirus cases in the state has them at their breaking point.

The 80-year-old hospital system, named after one of Butte’s three ‘copper kings’, has seen the total number of infections double in recent weeks – and the pandemic is only expected to worsen here. approaching winter.

In the last week alone, three residents of Ravalli County – where the hospital is located – have died from coronavirus. All of Stevensville’s schools were forced to close for two weeks and switch to distance learning on Tuesday after not finding enough staff to fill classrooms.

At least four other schools in the county have had to do the same in the past fortnight, including a school where 40% of students had COVID-19 or had been in close contact with someone who had it.

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