Ray Fisher responds to his release from ‘The Flash’ in Twitter Tweet – Dateway

Ray Fisher continues his fight against WarnerMedia and broadcasts one Twitter manifest on his recent release from the coming lightning Movie.

The Justice League Actor said he “totally disagreed with her decision” but said it was “not surprising”. He again had problems with DC Films President Walter Hamada, claiming that he had undermined the investigation into Fischer’s complaints about the conduct of EU executives Justice League to adjust.

Fisher has been at Warner Bros. since last July, accusing Joss Whedon of abuse during the Post-Zack Snyder re-admission of Justice League. A subsequent investigation by Warner Bros. found that unspecified “remedial measures” were in place and the investigation was closed. Further details were not disclosed.

HBO Max will premiere director Zach Snyder’s cut Justice League with Fisher in 2021.

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