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Documents and videos exposing a planned left-wing “coup” by federal liberal workers and activists were leaked online on Sunday.

A political organization called the Sunshine Movement, which claims to be a group of environmental activists working to “stop climate change”, is behind the coordinated effort.

The information was made public by a member of the group who hopes to warn Americans against the far-left mobilization movement.

After allegedly handing over the information to law enforcement, the leaker posted photos and videos on two websites, and

During the meetings, members discussed the closure of the White House, other federal buildings, public transportation hubs and more.

“It’s a coup. Don’t let anyone tell you it’s not, ”one woman admits on a call.

One woman celebrated a quote from Harry S. Truman in which he complained that bureaucrats tied his hands to him as president, saying, “We federal workers have the power.

Only your patronage to our store is what keeps this beacon of truth lit in narrative controlled darkness.

Speaking from leftist groups, ‘Shut Down DC’, ‘Choose Democracy’, ‘Hold The Line’ and others, one woman said, ‘They are the ones who are really at the forefront of helping people to think about different actions that can go well beyond street demonstrations. “

During a leaked call between members of “Shut Down DC”, an individual was caught saying, “We have been discussing for the past few months how to respond to different contested election scenarios.”

“The first step is that we think we need to start the post-election phase on the streets, so we invite everyone to come to BLM (Black Lives Matter) Plaza anytime after 4:00 p.m. on election night,” said the leftist activist. continued. “On the 5th, we will close the White House. On the 6th we’re going to shut down larger parts of DC, and then the next week all the traditional bands are going to come to DC and try to hold a march on the 7th.

In the same call, far-left organizer Lisa Fithian asked her co-conspirators, “Will there be a war? Are people going to be killed? Like, is it on somebody else’s mind? I guess it is. We’re going to see potential fights all over the county or in some hot spots. “

“Whoever has the guns can win – let’s take over the buildings!” she added. “We’re going to be in a crisis, but we want it to be the one we’re creating. We want to make sure that we are on offense and not on defense. We want them to answer us, not us to answer them. “

The group also created a list showing activists the locations of “police stations, major government buildings, media and Trump amplifiers,” for targeting purposes.

Fithian asked, “What would it take to surround the White House and get people to do things? We have to be ready to put our bodies in danger and take some discomfort, sacrifices, risks to change things.

Continuing, Fithian began to speak as if was already in a hot civil war, telling his comrades, “We didn’t cause war, we didn’t ask for this war, but many of us are here because we want to fight it. . “

The Sunrise movement was created by a former director of the globalist organization The Sierra Club and other leading liberal activists in 2017.

The Sierra Club is also heavily supported by billionaire liberal donor George Soros through his Democracy Alliance network.

Investigative Robbie jaeger written last year, “Unfortunately, the association of the Sunrise movement with large donors and the Democracy Alliance [Soros] in particular, persists to this day. Another of their recommended investments, a dark money organization named New media companies, lists the Sunrise Movement as a partner on their website – although the extent of their working relationship is unclear. It should be noted, however, that one of the members of the NMV board is Julie kohler, who is a longtime Democracy Alliance employee.

The move to push Americans to reject the results of the next election has been planned for months.

Breitbart reported in September, Under the pretext of seeking to ‘prevent a constitutional crisis’, a vast network of well-funded left-wing activists and progressive groups are training, organizing and planning to mobilize millions of Americans if President Trump ‘challenges the election results’, refuses to concede or claim a quick victory.

More than 80 advocacy groups and grassroots organizations have joined a broad coalition calling itself “Protect the Results” and proclaiming that “we cannot ignore the threat that Trump poses to our democracy and a peaceful transition of power.”

Go to or for more information on the coup plot.

Watch Infowars’ coverage of the left-wing coup plot in this segment of Monday’s edition of The David Knight Show.

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