Refusal to concede to Biden will result in more COVID deaths

President Donald Trump’s refusal to give in to the fact that Joe Biden won the election is likely to prolong the pandemic and put the lives of Americans at risk, several current senior officials working on the federal government’s response to the crisis told The Daily Beast. coronavirus.

Days after the election results became clear, Trump ordered his administration to block standard transition work intended to upgrade the new president’s team. He did it, say his aides, because he is still fighting legal battles across the country and refuses to admit he lost. But the tangible impact could be huge.

Trump administration officials working on the COVID vaccination process, particularly those working on Operation Warp Speed, were unable to contact Biden’s new COVID-19 task force on plans already in place for distribution. Without close coordination on these matters, current officials say, Biden’s team could face significant delays in distributing the vaccine to the American people.

“Planning for vaccine distribution takes time,” said a senior health official. “And Operation Warp Speed ​​has built up a huge database that guides their decisions on how best to deploy the vaccine. It is essential that Biden’s camp has access to this information so that when a vaccine becomes available, it can be quickly released to the public.

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