Refusing to wear a mask is an “act of domestic terrorism” – Dateway

The mayor of a county in Los Angeles sparked backlash this week for saying that anyone who did not wear a face mask was committing an “act of domestic terrorism.”

“If it were up to me, anyone who did not wear a mask while in public would be arrested … act of domestic terrorism and should be treated as such, ”said Mayor Rex Parris of Lancaster, Calif., recently, according to the LA Daily News.

Imagine a world where you are thrown by cops and dragged to jail, then charged with terrorism, all to breathe.

And why are they always the more “liberal” leaders who are the first to turn around and start with the most draconian rhetoric?

According to Mayor Parris’ calculations, the state governor is also a domestic terrorist.

HOLIDAY HYPOCRISY: More Democracy Leaders Are Breaking Their Own COVID Orders and Making Bogus Excuses!

Several studies have shown that masks have not been proven to lessen the spread of the virus.

Los Angeles County recently announced a three-week lockdown after an increase in positive coronavirus cases.

“The temporary order will be in place for three weeks until December 20 and will allow essential and emergency workers, as well as those providing or providing essential and authorized services, to leave their homes,” KTLA reported .

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