Repetitions of our life cycle – Karma Way of Teaching

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Repetitions of our life cycle – Karma Way of Teaching

A good friend of mine once told me:

When you got nothing else to lose

This is the time when you tend to shoot the Bulls!

Retrospectives of life:

When you are thrown in the same situation over and over again, say in certain intervals / time intervals. Please try to accommodate the scenario and life alike by saying, “I’m not afraid of this situation anymore”. Yes, we tend to doubt our potential, in this case if the results are not fruitful enough to make us believe that this was not how it was supposed to end. Yes, we tend to damage our thoughts with negativity as a repetitive result. Yes, sometimes we lose self-esteem when we see that this was not how we planned the events in our life to unfold. And certainly a big no, to the fact that we impulsively stop our progressive learning after taking such a big blow and falling so deep after failing in our attempts.
We are all faced with great situations in our lives, where the “supreme powers” ​​continually test our abilities and bestow on us the greatest gift of our life, which is self-reliance. Did we handle the situation with confidence and without any dependence. Yes, these are a few inadvertent instances that I’m talking about where our decision-making powers are put to the test. But otherwise, these life tests are also repetitive in nature and have less importance for the marks obtained. These tests really want us to “look back” on our own results and progressively evaluate them on our own scale. The scale that constitutes and is set up by our own ambitions, efforts, luck, karma, and the plethora of personal attributes that define our purpose in this life. These tests want us to take into account the events we have faced, without being hampered and stopped by the way these events are played out. Deep down inside we know that we are getting inflicted on ourselves and it hurts our minds, but overall we tend to continue to wear those beautiful smiles on our faces. Either way, you are not judged with the strength that you hide within yourself, but with that face and that speech that you present to people. This is prima facie evidence of your public appearance and ultimately of the company’s approval. Yes, we need company approvals, in a way that we have to live with them and don’t want to impact any of our relationships. It is an orthodox belief that “you don’t need people’s approval to do what you do.” It is certainly the most important aspect of this century that makes the future and present evolution of humanity prosper.

Decision that matters:

A decision is obviously made on an individual basis, but the cumulative factors that make up the back-end can help make more thoughtful, deliberate, and action-oriented decisions that are not just relevant to ourselves but over the long haul. ultimately support our aspirations. on a large Scale. Yes The implications are there, but the key is to assess all the factors considered and design a step-by-step process with enough alternatives in place. We need to understand that we need to compile and put together all the related information that is on hand and make a decision that encompasses our various goals afterwards. let it be anything else that is an expected outcome of our decision.
So, business people define this process as a 7 step process. Plausible on a generic context, but I think there may be N no. of steps based on an individual’s perception of a situation. And yes, you can customize your order as you wish. But the most important fact is that you have to come to an effective decision that can last long enough, support and validate your own beliefs in the ecosystem.

Cognitive self-exploration method:

The compelling thoughts that are generated while dealing with all the practical aspects of our life are the ones that we need to persuade in order to keep making our journey better and better. In this way, we not only follow a process of self-discovery, but we also inhibit the chances of making mistakes on our paths. These mistakes count and encourage a significant quality in making us a shrewd interpreter of the management of our individual responsibilities. Self-exploration here describes our chances of analyzing, investigating and deepening our own beliefs, principles, values, responsibility, performance, potential and too many behavioral or non-behavioral attributes of which our body / mind is capable.

A short verse:


Sometimes history repeats itself,

Not to disturb you but to provide the essential achievement !!

Sometimes life means your own importance,

that the well-being of others for whom you have always been concerned !!

Sometimes you can predict the eerie nature of human life !!

Sometimes what you see is reflected in a way that you have to re-prioritize !!

Sometimes the truth is not announced to avoid conflicts and upset the past !!

Sometimes the weight suddenly weighs in without any real obstacle !!

Sometimes what you’ve believed all this time

is not meant to be believed any further !!


Good reading!! Good experience !!Best wishes!!

~ sg

© 2021 Sourabh Gaba

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