Republican lawyers say Trump’s election lawsuit doomed

Donald Trump’s ultimate barrage of election prosecutions, which he again touted Thursday in a nationally-deceitful speech, is “baseless” and “absurd,” which amounts to little more than a desperate effort to confuse the voters in a contest he has already lost.

Or at least that’s what seasoned GOP lawyers, none of whom were Trump supporters but who have served Republican presidents or helped candidates win in litigation against an outclassed Democratic Party over the years , told the Daily Beast.

Trump’s campaign spent Thursday fighting to overturn COVID-19 restrictions that prevented his official observers from approaching more than 25 feet from tellers in Philadelphia, a key city whose votes seemed likely to deal a fatal blow to his candidacy. He even got an order that briefly interrupted the count as city officials wondered if and how to scale their operations at the Pennsylvania Convention Center. But the tally continued after the city appealed the ruling and a federal judge refused to get involved Thursday night.

Meanwhile, a Michigan judge has launched a similar lawsuit over official “challengers” at counting stations, while a Georgia court has dismissed bizarre allegations involving 53 ballots in the heavily Democratic city of Savannah.

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