Republican Senator ‘will step in’ if Trump does not share Intel briefings with Biden – Dateway

US Senator James Lankford (R-OK) has declared his intention to “intervene” if President Donald Trump does not allow Joe Biden, who media reports will be elected president, to begin receiving briefings presidential elections in view of his accession to the presidency.

In an interview with Tulsa talk radio station KRMG, Lankford said: “There is nothing wrong with Vice President Biden receiving the briefings so he can prepare.” Lankford then made his apparent threat, saying that ‘if that doesn’t happen by Friday I will step in as well’ and ‘I will say it has to happen so that whatever the outcome of the election is, however it is, people can be ready for this real task. “

He added that the Government Services Administration “must certify this election to start turning the tide, the first day it can do that on the calendar is Friday, and when that happens it must actually intervene”

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Lankfored stressed that he will use his power to force the hand of the GSA. “And I would tell you that I’m on the watch committee,” Lankford said. “I have already started to get involved in this field.”

The GSA, however, has so far refused to begin helping Biden’s transition team, citing the lack of certified election results. There are currently ongoing lawsuits alleging serious widespread electoral fraud in all major battlefield states, and whistleblowers are showing up with signed affidavits in Pennsylvania and Michigan.

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On the GSA’s denial, National File reported:

“A finding has not yet been made. The GSA and its administrator will continue to meet and meet all requirements of the law, ”a GSA spokesperson told reporters, adding that GSA administrator Emily Murphy will not be transitioning from power only when a “clear winner is clear on the basis of the process defined in the Constitution.” “

“The verification of the Administrator is carried out with the aim of making available the services provided by the presidential transitional law,” the spokesperson continued in a statement. “Until a verification is done, the statute allows the Biden transition team to continue to receive pre-elected government services (eg, limited office space, computers, background investigations for clearances). security). The GSA has met all of the PTA’s statutory requirements for this electoral cycle and will continue to do so. “

Since the media declared Biden the winner on Saturday, he has made a habit of calling himself president-elect and has organized a questionable home office of the president-elect’s studio to record videos.

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