Review of pots and pans direct to consumers

If you’re like me, you’ve had the same Calphalon cookware set for years. And while it works great, you’ve probably seen the onslaught of consumer direct brands that make objectively more beautiful products. And while kitchen utensils are meant to be cooked with, not looked at, that doesn’t mean you can’t ask yourself: do these beautiful pieces compare? The answer is yes: each one is made with craftsmanship and precision that rivals your favorite set at home. Now which one to get? It’s harder. To help you out, I tested five brands: Made In, Caraway, Equal Parts, Great Jones, and Food 52’s Five Two. Each had a piece that I really, really loved – so if you’re looking for a new pot or pot, rest assured, we’ve drawn them for you. But if you’re looking for a complete new cookware set, I’ve found one set to be a bit above the rest, at least for your average home cook.

Best Complete Set

Caraway’s cookware is a statement piece to say the least. The brand prides itself on providing non-toxic and eco-friendly cookware, but let’s face it: the first thing that’ll catch your eye is the colors. They’re poppies but well-designed, and there are six to choose from, which might just be the toughest decision you’ve made in a while. Beyond the color palettes, the cookware itself looks stunning, with beveled edges and a sleek handle-to-lid design. The set includes four non-stick ceramic pieces: a frying pan, saucepan, sauté pan, and dutch oven. I love that they use the Dutch oven as both a pot and an oven to save space. Although the lids are not transparent, they do have a vapor hole, which is a nice touch and very important.

If you are going to buy a set, it is best to buy all the nonstick and accent them with stainless steel pieces which is why I think this set is the best. Other sets (like Great Jones) have stainless steel. While these parts are closer to restaurant quality, I found myself less likely to use them because they are more difficult to clean. Instead, Caraway pans are the easiest to clean, the easiest to maintain, and the most versatile overall. Side note: Caraway also offers organization tools: the lids fit inside the pots, the set comes with magnetic pot holders that fit the pots perfectly, and it comes with a pot holder. canvas cover that fits perfectly inside a cabinet.

Best Pan

Made in a blue carbon steel frying pan

Made In’s Blue Carbon Steel Frying Pan is the best pan on the market and every level of cook should have it in their arsenal. Carbon steel is like cast iron, only better. That’s because it gives you the best of both worlds – cast iron to prevent sticking and stainless steel for warmth and easy handling. It’s easy to clean, you can cook anything on this pan, and if you take good care of it, it will last forever.

If this was a competition to determine the best set of pots and pans for a chef, out of those five, Made In would win. Their cookware is used in several three Michelin star restaurants – that’s how good they are. The starter kit includes five pieces: a 10 inch stainless steel saucepan, a 10 inch blue carbon saucepan, a 2 liter saucepan, an 8 liter pot and a small can of carbon steel seasoning wax . This is great if you like stainless steel, but in reality most home cooks don’t. It’s harder to clean, but on the other hand, it’s better for the type of high heat cooking you need to cook bacon or fish. This is the set you should get if you’re an advanced cook, diving head first into the fearless cookbooks of the world.

Best non-stick pan

Equal Parts Essential Stove

When they say it’s an essential casserole, they mean it. Made from non-stick ceramic, it’s a 10-inch wonder that you can cook just about anything in. It also has a lid, which makes it ideal for versatile use, and best of all, it has higher walls than your average pan. This means you can sauté or sauté without having small pieces of onions all over the place.

As for the full set, I found Equal Parts almost identical to Caraway except for a few minor details. While the price is lower, there are fewer colors to choose from and the little touches are missing (no steam holes, no organization tools). I also found the assortment and pot sizes a bit interesting. The pan is relatively small and the pan is a bit big too. However, this is still a great ceramic non-stick cookware set. All the pieces fit together to make them easy to store, they are free of toxins like Teflon, synthetic coatings, and lead, and they are all oven safe up to 450 degrees Fahrenheit.

Best pot

This is the best casserole you can find. It’s not just a jar, it’s a measuring cup (check out these cleverly designed measuring lines) and colander. It’s a bit small but it’s the perfect little jar, and the glass lid lets you see what’s going on inside. Genius.

The Food 52 pot and pan set is really well designed, designed with input from the Food 52 online community. The set is made up of four pieces and includes a 10 inch skillet, 4 liter sauté pan, a 2.7-liter saucepan and a 6-liter pot. Everything is stainless steel, except for the pan which is ceramic non-stick. The lids are see-through, a really nice touch, and include built-in strainers, another neat detail. Similar to Made In, the stainless steel interior is not ideal for the casual home cook as they are quite boring to clean, but they do have anti-yellowing technology that helps them keep the look fresh and new from the outside. first day to the hundredth day. .

Best Big Pot

The Dutchess, the version of Great Jone on a Dutch Oven, is in my opinion the best part of the set, and so why not get it on its own? It will shine on any stove top and because it is made of enameled cast iron it is multifunctional, oven safe and comes with a nice gray interior that helps prevent stains. It’s also dishwasher safe, folks. If you find yourself constantly using your casserole dish like me, you’ll be glad you had it.

The Great Jones Five-Piece Set is a fantastic option and includes a non-stick ceramic frying pan and three fully clad stainless steel beauties – a casserole, sauté pan, and large stockpot. It also includes The Dutchess, their Dutch oven, and you can choose from seven vibrant colors. All of the stainless steel pieces fit together and four of the pieces only share two lids. It’s a nice mix between chef-worthy cookware – made of stainless steel ideal for high heat – and home-cooked perfection in the form of non-stick ceramic and enameled cast iron. It is easy to clean and even easier to use. Another cool feature is that you can have the set engraved with a name, birthday, or signature dish.

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