Ric Grenell flees as MSNBC reporter Jacob Soboroff asks for proof of allegations of electoral fraud

Former acting director of national intelligence Ric Grenell fled Thursday against a reporter when pressed to provide evidence for the Trump campaign’s claims that thousands of illegitimate ballots were cast in the Nevada.

In another attempt by the Trump team to challenge and invalidate votes in a swaying state that could tip the election of Democratic presidential candidate Joe Biden, Grenell and his fellow Trump substitute Matt Schlapp held firm a press conference in Las Vegas announcing a lawsuit to block “illegal votes.” The Trump team claimed, without evidence, that tens of thousands of votes were cast by dead or ineligible voters.

After repeatedly stating in the press that Nevada continued to “count illegal votes” and officials would not give them answers, Grenell declined to identify himself at the request of reporters covering the event.

“What is your name?” the group shouted in unison at Grenell, prompting him to scowl and step back, demanding that they “do [their] jobs ”and“ collect information ”. (Of course, reporters were asking for his name to do their job: reporting who said what about the Trump trial.)

After the presser sank, MSNBC correspondent Jacob Soboroff met Grenell. “Can you talk about the evidence? You claim thousands of illegitimate votes in Nevada, ”Soboroff ambushed Trump’s longtime ally and Twitter troll as they walked.

Grenell attempted to dismiss the reporter, telling him to seek evidence from the Clark County clerk.

“You just made the claim,” replied an unfettered Soboroff. “You also said that there were no election observers, that there were Democratic and Republican election observers inside. Where is the evidence of fraud? You have not presented any evidence of fraud. You have not presented any evidence of fraud. We’re live on MSNBC. You said “thousands of illegitimate votes”. “

Grenell, however, rushed into a waiting van while refusing to provide any evidence behind his unsubstantiated claims, while other reporters joined Soboroff in demanding evidence.

“What they said here is hardly supported by any facts,” Soboroff told MSNBC presenter Craig Melvin after Grenell left.

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