Right and wrong were on the ballot and America is on the borderline

On Election Day 2020, good and evil were on the ballot and, the next day, it emerged that American voters were deeply divided as to what they supported. But even if, as seems likely at the time of writing, the good wins a narrow victory, immense damage has been done by a US president who has escalated his past crimes with what is nothing less that a coup attempt and by the substantial community of evil this remained an important force in American politics.

Surprisingly, in the wee hours of the morning, as we watched election returns with dismal horror, on the most bizarre and disturbing election night in American history, the standardizers were there again. Of course some of them were trying to be calm and say everything is fine, the guardrails are holding. But they have done a huge disservice in that they have underestimated the extraordinary nature of the President’s words and actions and the very real and probable damage the President has just done.

It is dangerously misleading to underestimate the danger that Donald Trump currently poses. Yes, our system should still be working. It seems, barring the unforeseen, that this will always be the case. But the inescapable truth is that until now, for four years now, this has often not been the case. Many crimes have gone unpunished. Our institutions have suffered repeated assaults from those who have sworn to protect them.

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