Roborock S4 Max robot vacuum review

For a very long time, I had prejudices against robot vacuums. There was a of me that thought they just weren’t needed. A lot of them are priced high and are a bit too high-tech for my liking. The feature list is just too long – I just want a vacuum that cleans when I tell it to. The Roborock S4 Max ticks all of those boxes and is really, in my opinion, the best vacuum to install and forget.

What I like most about the S4 Max is that it’s so quiet. If I didn’t have a puppy that is always a bit annoyed when I turn it on I’m pretty sure I wouldn’t notice it at all. The vacuum has enough suction power to be able to pick up AA batteries from the floor (which I don’t recommend testing yourself). Suction is smart too, automatically increasing its power on carpets to ensure a thorough cleaning of your home. And if that wasn’t enough, the battery can last for two hours if needed, so it can reach every nook and cranny of your home. If for some reason the Roborock does not have enough to complete the job, it will automatically return to its base and, once charged, continue where it left off.

The vacuum cleaner also easily connects to an app on your phone and you can watch it your house, plan its route forever, and show room divisions and stationary obstacles. You can also name each room and tell it how long you want it to spend there, and you can set no-go areas the vacuum will avoid. Another feature I like is the ability to also draw areas on your phone where there has been a spill, and the vacuum will go right there and clean in the marked area.

In short, there is nothing in this void that I don’t like. The vacuum will automatically raise and lower for the perfect cleaning and I no longer need to get up and down to make sure my vacuum has everything from the floor. I just have to sit back, relax and enjoy the show (between the vacuum cleaner and my , that is).

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