Rockford, Illinois, Don Carter Lanes shooting the Green Beret Duke Webb could have killed them

Isaiah Box was in the wrong place at the right time.

The 25-year-old lives in Rockford, Ill., Sharing a house with his parents about half a mile from Don Carter Lanes, where he was a regular at the upstairs tavern, Shooter’s Bar and Grill. He was there as usual last Saturday, but left earlier than usual.

This, he now realizes, may have saved his life.

“I don’t know what made me leave – especially on a Saturday I usually stay up there to watch football,” Box told The Daily Beast. “I left around 4:45 pm, 5 pm, and I went home.

About two hours later, police said, active-duty US Army Green Beret Duke Webb entered the Don Carter Lanes and opened fire, killing three people and injuring three others.

A 16-year-old girl sitting at a table on the first floor was shot in the shoulder, followed by a 14-year-old boy who was shot in the face, police said. The two were there to collect take out food. Both survived, but police say Webb then went to the second-floor bar, where he shot and killed Dennis Steinhoff, 73; Thomas Furseth, 65; and Jerome Woodfork, 69.

An as yet unidentified fourth man, 62, has been shot and killed several times and remains in critical condition.

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