Roger Ailes victim Laurie Luhn loses another round in libel suit against Fox News, CEO Suzanne Scott

Former Fox guest bookings Laurie Luhn, a multiple victim of the alleged sexual misconduct of the late Ailes, lost a major court round on Tuesday in her federal libel lawsuit against Fox Media and its Executive Director, Suzanne Scott.

Upholding a lower court ruling dismissing Luhn’s complaint, a three-judge panel of the District of Columbia’s U.S. Court of Appeals ruled that a 2019 Los Angeles Times Scott’s profile – in which the executive insisted that she “had no idea what was going on in Ailes’ office” and “I never had a problem with any sort of harassment myself ”- could not meet the legal for defamation.

The ruling said it was because neither Scott nor the article mentioned Luhn and his statements were ‘reasonably capable of no defamatory significance’. defamation by implication. “

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