Rogue Yeshiva Bet Yaakov Ateret Torah operates in stealth mode in COVID-hit Brooklyn – despite new lockdown

Less than a week after pockets of Brooklyn Hasidic erupted in response to new COVID-19 restrictions closing schools and other institutions in heavily infected areas, the Bet Yaakov Ateret Torah yeshiva opened and parents’ cars opened lined up on Coney Island Avenue to drop off and pick up students on the same schedule from 9 a.m. to 3 p.m.

From around 2:30 p.m., children’s voices fill the fenced yard with trailers parked along the main brick complex of the religious school, and vehicles stop in a rear parking lot or pick up their children at the entrance gates. Several neighbors told the Daily Beast that new signs advertising “CHILD CARE SERVICES” were put up on Monday – when yeshivas in the state’s “red zones” reportedly reopened after the Jewish holidays, without the governor’s orders. Andrew Cuomo.

The wording is clear, although what is actually happening in Bet Yaakov and other yeshivas where the publications have observed continued attendance is more difficult to pin down.

None of the parents approached by The Daily Beast on Wednesday responded to questions. But an individual who introduced himself as a representative of the school and who did not give his name or title, insisted that Bet Yaakov was in line with Cuomo’s mandate.

“Part of his decree is that schools should close but daycares could remain open,” he said.

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