Rubbing Trump’s face in his loss isn’t just fun – it’s important

So Tuesday is the day. December 8 is the “safe harbor” to which all states must resolve all election-related disputes. Then voters vote next Monday, but that should be anti-climatic, because over the weekend Biden was certified as the winner in California, which gave him 279 electoral votes, and it does not appear at this time that voters are being replaced anywhere; the mad Republicans of Pennsylvania are up to something, but it looks like it’s mostly for the show. So by 5 p.m. Tuesday, it will be pretty much over.

Donald Trump will know. He will try to pretend otherwise, although it is obvious to anyone with a higher IQ than life expectancy in his beloved Russia that this is just a huge flu – a financial crisis to make pay his stupid supporters. of his debts, and psychological pain from both his sucker admirers and cowardly Republicans who know best but have amphibian thorns and still won’t do something as basic as calling Joe Biden the president-elect. . (By the way, after January 20, will they call him Mr.President? Unfortunately, that’s a serious question.)

Trump knows it. He knows he is a historic loser. And he is in pain. He is humiliated. And I am delighted. I have never been a fan of schadenfreude, but this is an occasion where it is absolutely necessary. Politics, like war, is based on both sides agreeing on a winner. When that breaks down, that’s precisely when the brutal mockery is in order, as it’s even much more civil and preferable to endless rhetoric, let alone martial conflict. So there has never been anyone in American politics more deserving of utter humiliation, and on top of that it is important for the future of this country that decent people keep saying and saying how much the The Trump era was horrible. The memories, as we know, are too short.

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