Rudy Giuliani distinguishes Trump from Sidney Powell as she visits White House for third time

Trump’s personal lawyer Rudy Giuliani tried to put some distance between President Donald Trump and his legal team and former Trump campaign lawyer Sidney Powell, insisting on Monday night that Powell “is not speaking in the name of the president ”and that she“ speaks only for herself ”.

Powell’s disavowal of Giuliani, however, comes as the conspiratorial peddler “Kraken” lawyer met with Trump in the White House for the third time in the last four days.

Over the past week, an increasingly desperate Trump has weighed in on several last-minute efforts to try to overturn the election he lost for good. In addition to considering former National Security Advisor Michael Flynn’s idea of ​​imposing martial law to ‘revive’ the election, he proposed to make Powell – who has been struck off the legal team from Trump last month – a special advocate for electoral fraud.

Interview Giuliani on Newsmax Spicer and Co. On Monday evening, former Trump press secretary Sean Spicer asked about Powell’s recent meetings with the president and the rumors around her who might be named as special advocate. (Outgoing Attorney General Bill Barr said on Monday he had no plans to make such an appointment.)

“Let me make it clear that Sidney Powell is not on our legal team, she hasn’t been in five weeks,” Giuliani said. “She is not a special advisor to the president, she does not speak for the president, nor for the administration.”

“She speaks for herself,” he continued. “She is a good woman, an excellent lawyer. All she talks about is her own opinion. I’m not responsible for it, neither the president, nor anyone else on our legal team.

Giuliani, worth mentioning, pushed many of the same messy electoral plots as Powell, then appeared to question Powell’s legal strategy to overturn the election. (Powell and the Trump campaign have both suffered a series of humiliating defeats in court.)

“We’re going to be extremely aggressive, we’re going to fight for our client as hard as possible,” said the former New York mayor. “But we will also act within the limits of rationality, common sense and the law. And it can be done. There is no reason to go beyond anything.

Last month, Giuliani and Powell shared the same scene in a bizarre press conference that featured Giuliani’s hair dye on his face as Powell told a fantastic story about corrupt voting software and the long-dead dictator. Hugo Chavez stealing millions of votes from Trump. . Powell left Trump’s legal team soon after, when she also included Georgia Republicans in his vast international conspiracy.

Even though the Trump campaign disowned Powell, the president remained in touch with her and fellow Trump lawyer Lin Wood, who continued to push their own awkward election lawsuits separately from Trump’s legal team. While the courts have dismissed Powell “Kraken” lawsuits, the President encouraged her and Wood to continue pushing their ridiculous cases forward.

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