Rudy Giuliani Tells Trump Attorney General Bill Barr Fucks His Hunter Biden Game

Weeks after Donald Trump’s lawyer Rudy Giuliani first pushed the Hunter Biden files and a collection of sordid filth to the In a last ditch effort to drag his client across the 2020 finish line, he and the president, along with several of Trump’s political lieutenants, became frustrated at the lack of impact it had.

But rather than admit that the general public might not be interested, Trump and Giuliani instead blamed Attorney General William Barr for the breakthrough failure.

The day after the reporting earlier this month – for which Trump had personally given the green light to Giuliani’s decision to act as the newspaper’s source – the former New York mayor spoke to President Trump both Hunter Biden’s documents and what could be done about them from a law enforcement perspective, according to a White House and a source close to Giuliani. Recently, the President and Giuliani discussed their mutual frustrations over the lack of action by Barr and FBI Director Chris Wray, claiming the emails and Hunter files provided legal ammunition to probe the Bidens, the person said. close to Giuliani.

Trump’s lawyer had also informed the president that the events of the past two weeks underscored why Trump should fire Wray, arguing that this shows the current FBI director to be an anti-Trump subversive, according to the White House . This was not aware that Giuliani was making such a harsh comment about Barr. Contacted for comment Wednesday evening, Giuliani told The Daily Beast: “I don’t comment on my conversations with my client.”

The FBI has refused to confirm or deny whether it is even investigating the emails and images related to Hunter Biden, and the Office and Justice Department have remained tight-lipped on the matter. There is a long-standing institutional reluctance to speak publicly about these types of investigations so close to a presidential election – although there is as yet no evidence that they even exist, to the great. dismay from much of Trumpworld.

If Barr made an announcement, said Matt Miller, the former director of the Department of Justice’s public affairs office, it would be a seismic politicization of the agency.

“Barr to announce an investigation at this point would make Jim Comey’s actions in 2016 bizarre in comparison. Comey at least wasn’t trying to hurt Clinton and he wasn’t getting involved at the behest of a candidate and his attorney, ”Miller said. “An announcement by Barr would be a banana republic-type intervention in the political process. The DOJ shouldn’t even take further investigative steps involving either candidate at this point, unless there is a reason to believe these steps could not wait until after the election. .

In their private conversations, Giuliani mentioned to Trump that Barr could live up to something that he and others simply ignore, but thinks unlikely, according to the source close to Giuliani. Trump campaign officials, meanwhile, do not appear to be banking on intervention.

“We have a week ,” said a senior Trump campaign . “I don’t think Bill Barr is going to come up to town and save the day.”

The resignation of the campaign, and of Trump and Giuliani in particular, underscores how much the president’s team relied on an “October surprise” against the Biden family to change their political destiny. It also illustrates the disappointment they feel that it did not turn out the way they had hoped.

“Why aren’t they doing anything? … What are they waiting for ?!” President Trump exclaimed this month to some close advisers, according to two people who heard him say this.

Trump’s displeasure with Wray has been brewing for a long time, with the president seeking to oust the FBI director if he wins re-election. But last week, Trump took to his favorite morning show to also signal his displeasure with Barr.

“We need to get the Attorney General to act,” the president said on Fox & Friends. “He has to act, and he has to act fast, and he has to appoint someone.”

Although Trump complained about Barr’s inaction on television, it is likely he did not do so in person. According to two people familiar with the case, the president has been advised by some senior aides that he should avoid picking up the phone and tell Barr directly that the Justice Department must open a new investigation into the Bidens before the election, arguing that if such a call leaked, it would cause more political headaches than it is worth.

“The president responded, ‘I know, I know,’” one of those sources said, adding that Trump had suggested not to do so.

White House and DOJ spokespersons did not respond to requests for comment on the story.

On Monday, Giuliani took part in the Fox Business program hosted by Lou to claim that his findings “could be used in court … There is a trial here that could be done that would be fabulous for a trial lawyer, I would love to try it. “

, who stands out as Trump’s adviser and confidant, then claimed that the FBI and the Justice Department “don’t want any part of the trials against prominent Democrats” in recent years. He then called the United States Attorney General, “Where’s William Barr? He has become radio silent! said.

Hunter Biden is accused of using his father’s name to advance his business ventures overseas. And former associates said Joe Biden was aware of and sometimes involved in these activities. But the elder Biden strongly disputed this and the media found no evidence that he benefited from his son’s job. While President Giuliani and other Trump loyalists continue to obsess over history, there are signs that his reelection campaign staff have strayed from strategy.

As The Daily Beast reported on Monday, nearly two weeks after the Post began posting about Hunter and Joe Biden this month, Trump’s 2020 team has barely used the material in their paid media. . He hadn’t mentioned son Biden in ads on his Facebook or Instagram accounts since October 13. And even America First Action, the main pro-Trump super PAC, hadn’t checked Hunter Biden in his TV or Facebook ad at all since. well.

“It is evident from what has been discovered so far that Hunter Biden was trading on his father’s behalf in to earn money for himself and his family. The question the DOJ must answer is whether this constitutes a federal crime, ”Steven Groves, who was previously a lawyer and then Trump’s White House spokesman, said Wednesday.

He added: “The DOJ must first determine if a crime has been committed. Second, he must decide whether it is a federal crime that falls under his jurisdiction. And third, it must decide whether a special advocate is needed, for example if there is a of interest such that the Department of Justice would not be able to conduct the investigation as part of its regular process. So there are several stages before you get to the point where Attorney General Barr could come out and announce anything.

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