Rudy Giuliani, who had a lot of practice, reached maximum humiliation

It turns out that all this time Rudy Giuliani was trying to sell a sex scandal about Hunter Biden, bringing up “a number of photographs showing very explicit sexual activity and other very personal things” he was waiting for his own ( last) sex scandal to give up.

The frequent cheater who marries a cousin and is divorced three times isn’t easily embarrassed, but Sacha Baron Cohen may have just come off with his big reveal in the new Borat movie: Rudy, Alone in a Hotel Room with the woman playing Borat’s daughter, who he claims is a TV interviewer, lying on a mattress and appearing to touch her genitals.

People often accuse Trumpworld of projection, but it looks like a spike. The president’s personal attorney, who is also seen in the film touching her butt as she helps remove her mic, says he was just tucking his shirt in. Of course! Who doesn’t lie down with their back flat on a bed to tuck their shirt in?

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