Rudy Giuliani’s COVID Case Shows There Is No Vaccine To Treat The Disease The GOP Has Become

Trump’s lawyer needs a doctor. If you’ve seen him travel the country over the past month in an attempt to overturn the election, it shouldn’t surprise you that Rudy Giuliani, once revered as ‘America’s mayor,’ has been hospitalized with COVID-19 this week.

Giuliani, a potential one-man super-spreader whose recent visit forced the entire Arizona legislature to go out of business, is being treated at Georgetown University Medical Center. For the rich and powerful, there is always room at the inn. Or in the hospital. And while we all hope for his speedy recovery, this is the latest sign that a pattern of privilege has emerged. It goes like this: After tempting fate by refusing to socialize or wear masks, Trump and his team contract the virus. Then they receive world-class medical treatment. Finally, they recover quickly.

It is not a victimless advantage. Their miraculous recovery reinforces the resentment of every hoohaw who won’t wear a mask and gets in shape at a Staten Island bar because the last call comes early at 10 p.m. The problem with these quick recoveries is that they show up (at people who are most susceptible to this message) that COVID-19 isn’t really a big deal.

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