Rudy Giuliani’s electoral legal strategy, analysis of electoral fraud claims, PA and MI legal action

As the 2020 election lawsuits continue to mature, Rudy Giuliani and Donald Trump reveal more about the legal strategy of the campaign to change the course of the election. Join criminal defense attorney Robert F. Gruler on Watching the Watchers LIVE today to discuss: • Rudy Giuliani on Lou Dobbs discussing Trump’s legal strategies in Michigan and Pennsylvania • Summary of 15 different types of allegations electoral fraud that we’ve seen (and if they carry any weight) • Review of outstanding issues and lawsuits in other battlefield states • Snippets of lawsuits from Michigan and Pennsylvania reveal what the Trump campaign is looking for in court • Discussion of possible remedies that could be ordered by the courts, ranging from minor to drastic • Trump’s legal team sees the changes and how it could impact their fight Remember to join us on Discord: The show begins at 5 p.m. AZ time (4 p.m. PT, 6 p.m. Central, 7 p.m. ET). Discord is our free chat server for ongoing discussions before, during, and after the live broadcast, as well as slide previews for upcoming shows: Any other tips? Email or tag @RobertGrulerEsq on Twitter. # election2020 #electionanalysis #watchingthewatchers.

Trump has yet to show real evidence of fraud, but getting him out of his office can be a bumpy ride

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