Rudy Giuliani’s Misfits and Hucksters crew break into Biden Fighter War

Bo Dietl, the explosive private investigator, was on a mission. Unfortunately for him, the Amtrak announcer did not want to be silent about the passengers putting on their masks.

“This fucking guy wants to be an actor,” Dietl muttered as his Acela train idled at New York’s Penn Station Thursday morning.

The former NYPD detective turned eccentric media figure was on his way to Washington to meet with one of the greatest financial whistleblowers of all time. And he was eager to preview the dirt he hoped to get: information about former Vice President Joe Biden’s youngest son Hunter, allegedly obtained through a laptop and diary the younger Biden had. left in Massachusetts from his former shrink. , a disgraced Fox News former pop psychiatrist who recently had his medical license revoked and his office raided by federal agents.

On the tracks to DC, Dietl told the Daily Beast that he was briefed on the Biden saga by his friend and longtime associate Rudy Giuliani. The former New York mayor and personal lawyer for President Donald Trump had obtained three computer hard drives apparently belonging to Hunter Biden, which he said contained evidence that Biden attempted to use his father’s position to conclude lucrative business abroad.

Dietl thought it was a bomb. But, even worse, he claimed that the hard drives contained compromising images of underage women – an allegation Giuliani himself made, but for which he has so far provided no evidence. “I saw a photo of a 14 year old girl. It was not a nice photo of the young woman, ”said Dietl. When asked how he knew her age, he replied, “She was 14, she was definitely a child.

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