Russia Putin responds to Biden sanctions Expels 10 Americans from Russia, blacklists others

Russia is responding in kind to Biden’s actions yesterday and expelling 10 Americans from Russia and blacklisting others.

Putin responded in kind to Biden’s actions yesterday, where Biden kicked 10 Russians out of the United States in response to alleged Russian interference in the 2020 election.

After Biden decides not to move two US Navy ships to the Black , Russia blocks two Ukrainian ports – Biden Next expels 10 Russians from the US and Putin says “A price will be paid” today he acted on what he said.

Russia’s Foreign Ministry on Friday said it would expel 10 US officials from the US embassy in Moscow and prevent eight other current and former US officials from entering Russia indefinitely, in what it called a “mirror response to sanctions against Russia.” officials.

“On the basis of reciprocity, the expulsion of employees of US diplomatic missions will follow in an amount commensurate with the action taken by US authorities against Russian diplomats,” the Russian Foreign Ministry said.

Russia therefore blocks Ukrainian ports and responds to Biden in kind. Looks like Putin likes to negotiate with Joe.

The Russian move comes a after President Joe Biden the expulsion of 10 current Russian officials working at the Russian Embassy in Washington DC, as well as a series of new sanctions against Russian individuals and entities.

The Biden administration the sanctions in response to Russia’s alleged involvement in the massive SolarWinds and Russia’s alleged interference in the 2020 U.S. election to harm then-candidate Biden.

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