Russian media kicks off latest US election campaign with live screens of Hunter Biden sex videos

Moscow’s domestic propaganda apparatus – which targets Russian speakers all over the world, including the United States – blatantly ignored the Kremlin’s strict broadcast regulations and began broadcasting clips of the so-called ” Hunter Biden ‘sex tapes in prime time, almost every day.

As Election Day in America approaches, Russian state media covers events in the United States with dogged determination – acting as if the United States is one of Russia’s provinces or colonies. The continuous flow of news about the US election follows the same pattern as Fox News: all pro-Trump, all the time.

US President Donald J. Trump remains Russia’s preferred candidate for a number of reasons, many of which are frequently mentioned by pro-Kremlin analysts, pundits and foreign policy scholars. Appearing on the Russian State TV Show The evening with Vladimir SolovievAndrey Sidorov, vice-dean of global policy at Moscow State University, explained that Trump’s re-election would undoubtedly benefit Russia. Sidorov concluded that the election of former Vice President Joe Biden would lead to the consolidation of the West – restoring NATO alliances severely undermined by Trump – and thus result in a united front, with additional sanctions against Russia for its ongoing malicious activities.

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